H E Y  H E Y  H E Y

Born in Nashville, Tenn., and raised in nearby Murfreesboro, I moved back to Nashville after graduating from Auburn University with a B.A. in public relations in 2015. I am currently working as a freelance creative consultant and web designer, helping companies who want to rebrand, find their voice or just need a little creative or technical direction. I also run and operate an online vintage and future pop-up shop called Ded Grandpa (ask me how I came up with the name).

When I'm not eating mozzarella sticks, it's a safe bet I'm playing the guitar, watching Seinfeld, pretending to be a contestant on Chopped or trying to find the perfect pair of trousers (a feat that is grossly underrated in my opinion). 

Fun Fact:
At the tender age of 5, my mother took me to my first concert — Alanis Morissette. She braided my hair until I was the spitting image of a child-like Medusa, then she dressed me in Dr. Martens, jet-black Levi's and a banana-yellow turtleneck. I thank her every day for influencing me with her impeccable music taste and killer style.

This website was created to give you a little insight into my sometimes witty, mostly wacky brain, and it features my most recent work both as an undergraduate student at Auburn University and as a pseudo-adult. Welcome to my online résumé and portfolio.